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Thomas Kjørnæs created CAVE IT with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and a desire for a collaboration to be based on mutual trust, credibility and security - basically good old-fashioned merchandising.

At CAVE IT, we do not believe that price alone is the deciding factor. Of course, price is a factor in the overall picture - but the most important thing is that you as a customer or partner have confidence, security and feel secure in dealing with a supplier.

"We take responsibility all the way - it's always a matter of mutual trust, credibility and security"

Thomas Kjørnæs, CEO

CAVE IT's justification in the market

At CAVE IT, we want to be part of the IT department in the company - both as one of those on the floor and one of those who sit around the table and help set the strategy.

At CAVE IT, we will be able to deliver everything from the simple cable to the complex solution. When you as a customer have a challenge, big or small, you must know that you can come to us and we will make sure to solve it. Many things we can handle ourselves - but sometimes we also just have to recognize that the need for specialists is necessary. Here it is so good that we have a huge network of partners that we can draw in to help us solve the specific task. Nothing is too big, nothing is too small.

Why "CAVE"?

When Thomas Kjørnæs had to find a name for the company, it was a crucial element that the name somehow symbolized some of these keywords - trust, credibility and security.

Many creative thoughts were therefore thought and played with the combination of words and language and not least checked available domains - and when Thomas Kjørnæs wrote the word "safe" on Google Translate, the word "CAVE" appeared. After "feeling" the word for some time, while also being investigated further with other combinations, CAVE quietly began to stick. And as you can see, it ended with CAVE IT.


"We take responsibility all the way - it's always a matter of mutual trust, credibility and security"


Herstedvang 14,

2620 Albertslund


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